December at KLM School of Dance

Wow! What a fun and enjoyable December we have all had at KLM, by actually being allowed back into physical classes following our month long lockdown in November?

I am so, so proud and honoured to teach our students.

This month has seen us welcome back new children who had enrolled in October, some examination routines now being finalised, oodles of improvements in all the genres we teach at KLM, a monthly scholarship winner - Harley, and our exam raffle winner - TBA -

and of course to top it all off - our Presentation in lessons before we closed for Christmas!

Being back, even if it was just for three weeks, has renewed my vigour and determination that may have dwindled due to Covid. I believe in every one of our children, love to see them progress with their dancing and also developing those all important life skills, as well as getting the chance to see friendships flourish in classes.

We now close our doors to our 2020, and happily anticipate the reopening for January 2021. I know there will be more new students in attendance - as we have been filling up our waiting list, more routines will be finished and even more improvements for our students.

Most importantly, we cannot wait to be back with you in January spreading our love for dance within our dance family! Wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas, Kate - KLM School of Dance Principal

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