At KLM we believe to giving back to our dancing family. From April 2022, KLM School of Dance has brought in various schemes and funds for our dancers.

Food Refresh Scheme: We will have available snacking food such as fruit and breakfast bars (no nuts) for our students and staff to take when needed - FREE! Some of our students come straight from school to lesson, or come to a batch of lessons in a row. We understand time may limit proper meals in some cases and late night eating, and se we wanted to offer a little sometime that our students could feel comfortable to grab from our Refresh Box if they need. We will be using this scheme to promote body positivity, healthy heating habits and awareness of needing 'fuel in the tank to drive the car': especially with how hard our dancers work.

Sanitary Scheme: KLM School of Dance will have available sanitary items for our students to take when needed. Let's start a conversation to normalise this bodily process, minimise embarrassment and make our students comfortable and unafraid. Located in the disabled toilet for our students to take.

Pointe Show Fund: Tap Shoes and Soft Ballet Shoes are made available to our school via purchasing new or buying 2nd hand through our Nearly New Box. However, this is not the case with Pointes due to having to fit our dancers individually, as all feet and foot strength are different. From April 2022, KLM School of Dance will be launching the Pointe Shoe Fund: Designed to gift a pair of pointe shoes to two dancers within out Pointe Class based on attendance and improvement when they need them, as this can become quite expensive (when their pair dies).

Dancer chosen: October and April, following our show and exams!

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