2 Months into Lockdown 3.0

This month has seen so much progress within the virtual walls of KLM School of Dance! This month all examination videos have been uploaded to our website, offering our learners the utmost availability of learning and honing their dancing skills, whilst away from physical classes at the moment. We've had some fun, undertaking Acrobatic and Ballet Bingo - which our students are absolutely loving, as well as re-launching our Funk it up class again as an open class, to learn street jazzy routines for fun (we even offered the first session free)!! Our students are improving so, so much in this lockdown, whether it's learning grade work, theory questions, learning examination routines, cleaning and perfecting their techniques or developing their strength, flexibility and musicality and we are so, so proud of them! Even our Stage Craft students have been having a play around with applying their own stage make-up and understanding the purposes of this - they looked absolutely fabulous.

We have also undertaken a half term screen cleanse. We are very much aware of the pressures our students are under from school life, and homework being delivered on an online platform - not to mention us as a dancing school. So we've chosen to minimise this during half term to allow our learners to have more headspace, and space away from their screens during this difficult time.

We hope they have oodles of fun this half term, adventuring outdoors, going for walks and having as much fun as they can to enrich their lives during this short break! We salute all of our parents who have taken on the extra added pressures of home schooling, running the house and also going to work. You guys really are superheroes in your children's eyes. We hope they learn these life skills from you and see the sacrifices you will have made to ensure life is as 'normal' as possible for them. As we move forward towards the end of February, we are hopeful for government guidance out of this lockdown, so we can start piecing back together our dancing lives so we can once again be back with our physical dancing family soon! Our lessons resume on Zoom from: Monday 22nd February - for one last week of lessons before welcoming in March! Reminder that it also isn't too late to join Zoom and start getting back into the swing of everything before physical classes start back up again in the future. But for now, stay safe, stay happy and we'll see you all on our screens in due course! Signed, Kate xx

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