Lockdown 3.0

Hi! As you are reading this we are currently working hard behind the scenes to provide online tuition for our students to undertake for the next 6 weeks following this national lockdown. We have also launched grade work specific online content that our students can participate in to get a more in-depth understanding of the grade work they were undertaking in physical classes! Please contact to gain access to this and see what we can provide your dancer in this uncertain time.

We will be monitoring government guidance in relation to the tier system as to when we can return to normal classes following the immunisation process for the first 4 bands.

This month has seen us roll out our bi-annual reports for our parent schemers, so they can keep up to date with how their child is progressing at KLM - such a wonderful scheme to be apart of (if you wish for further information head on over to our Parent Scheme page).


Following our Christmas break, we asked parents and students to provide us with questions to get a more in-depth feel to the teaching staff at KLM.

We had such fun answering all your questions and spent 2 hours just chatting! We didn't envy Rhianne for the editing process, which she did amazingly by the way!

Which should be viewable down below on the main blog page! As always, thankyou for reading and keeping up to date with all things at KLM, we cannot wait to be back with you in normal lessons soon, stay safe, Kate xx

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