June 2021 at KLM School of Dance

We have been back to lessons for nearly two months and we can't get over how well our students have attacked their work in lessons! With just less than 1 month to go for our MASD exams, we are so proud of the work our teaching team and students have put in on our return to physical classes. We've seen students learn new tricks, clean routines, learn new steps and improve their overall presentation and stage presence skills. With just 1 month to go we can't wait to see how our students do in their upcoming exams - we are so proud of the work they've achieved to date! Since April, we have also taken onboard over 20 new students across all classes - and their parents and themselves have nothing but positive words to say about our school - how amazing is that?

We have since opened up our waiting list to welcome 25 new students into our dancing family for our show term consisting from July 2021-March 2022! We can't wait to see what they bring to our school and our wonderful shows! For now keep your eyes peeled for information regarding an Exam Presentation, or as much as one as we can have in the next coming months!

I love my school! Signed,


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